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Julie Hubert Owner @Studio JUA

It was first for the sake of supporting a local Canadian business that I turned to the FLiiP team. I immediately felt that they understood my needs, my reality. They all work very well and hard to perfect their service, to overcome the current challenges of entrepreneurs and owners of fitness centers and studios.

If you are in a research process right now, I strongly recommend that you contact FLiiP for a demo. Your decision will only be easier!

Karim EL Hlimi Owner @Gym Le Vestiaire

I decided to encourage a local company with a background similar to mine as an SME. The FLiiP team is always there to help me, both in the management of my platform and in the efficiency of my company. The tools I use saved me a lot of time and helped me avoid falling into hours of mismanagement.

Their service is distinguished from others by the fact that we feel they work in collaboration with us, which elevates the quality of my business. 

Isabelle Beauchamp Owner @MissFit Brossard

Making the change from our previous platform to FLiiP was obvious to us. Accessible and efficient French customer service is essential to maximize our time. The economy we are making monthly is considerable for a small company like ours.

We are very happy with the change!

Jany Canuel Owner @Studio Scorpio

I’ve been using the FliiP platform for 6 years. In recent years, the platform has really evolved. Its use is even more intuitive, the functions even more varied and numerous: payroll management, online store, reports and statistics, integration of a zoom link in the schedule as well as the video library that allows you to create and sell passive content. Not to mention the very useful mobile application.

Is a transition to a new software super easy? Not really. Is it easier and more reassuring with FliiP? Clearly!