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Online video tool to generate more revenue

Adapt to the new reality and offer flexibility to your members! With the FLiiP video platform, you’ll benefit from a content library directly integrated into your platform. The content is easily accessible to your members when it suits them.

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Categorize your videos

Categorize your videos

Simplify the management and organization of your videos by categorizing them under different tabs. By creating a category, all videos associated with this category will be grouped together in the same tab. For example: nutrition, lifestyle habits, prenatal yoga, etc.

Control access

Control access

Free or paid? You will be able to set access to each of your videos and limit views according to the type of subscription. A customer who does not have the required subscription to watch a video will automatically be redirected to a purchase page.

Analyze your results

Analyze your results

Keep track of the performance of your videos to tailor the creation of your content. For each of the videos available, it will be possible to consult the number of views and the number of associated sales. With this data, you can be on the lookout for the type of content that interests your customers.


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Live classes

Thanks to live classes, stay in contact with your clients!

With the new reality, online classes are now a must in for your business. Offering live classes is an effective way to maintain a relationship with your customers and to offer support when they are not in your studio.

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Simple and efficient

Simple and efficient

Are you offering live online classes? Nothing’s easier ! Create your schedule as usual and ask your members to reserve their spot online. By adding the meeting link in the class schedule (Zoom, Hangout Meet, etc.), this link will be sent to all registered clients 30 minutes before the scheduled class time.



Owner @ Studio JÜA

Julie Hubert

It was first for the sake of encouraging a local business that I turned to the FLiiP team. I immediately felt that we understood my needs, my reality. These are people who work very well and hard to perfect their service to stick as much as possible to the current challenges of entrepreneurs, owners of sports centers and studios. If you are in a research process right now, I highly recommend that you contact FLiiP for a demo. Your decision will only be easier!

Owner @ Gym Le Vestiaire

Karim El Hlimi

The people at Fliip are ALWAYS there to help me, both in the management of my platform and in the efficiency of my business. The tools used allowed me to save a lot of time and avoid wasting hours wasted doing micro-management. Their service is distinguished from others by the fact that we feel that they are working in collaboration with us, which raises the quality of my company a notch.

Owner @ MissFit Brossard

Isabelle Beauchamp

Making the switch from our previous platform to FLiiP was obvious to us. Customer service in French, accessible and efficient is essential to maximize our time. The monthly cost savings are also considerable for an SME like ours.

We are very happy with the change!



Can I show the “workout of the day” to my members?

Yes, it is possible to share the workout of the day with your members right inside FLiiP.

Do members see other people enrolled in their class?

Viewing the people enrolled in a class is a setting that you may or may not decide to activate.

Is the instructor displayed during the course sign-ups?

Yes, the instructor will be displayed in the class schedule. It can be changed at any time.