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Never lose a client you could have kept with retention tools built to keep clients around longer.

Retention tools
One of the things I really like about FLiiP is knowing who's been to the training center, and who hasn't been for a while. It allows me to follow up with them and communicate with them to find out what's going on and to be able to respond to their needs. I'm proud to say that my churn rate has dropped to 2%.
Karim Owner, Vestiaire

Communicate at the right time

Send personalized messages at the right time to keep members active and engaged. Design sequences with automated email, SMS, and push notifications.

Keep your members longer

Inactive members are more likely to churn. Keep track of member activity on simple dashboards that help you identify and follow-up with at-risk members so that you can keep them around longer.

Remove Obstacles

Make it easy for members to keep coming back by automating renewals. Get the software designed for reliability, so that you never have to worry about members getting frustrated with your tech.

Create loyal members

Build a tight-knit community of loyal members. Emphasize your colors and brand on a beautiful website and mobile app, and create a community exclusive to your gym or training center. Set up an online shop so that your members can rep your brand wherever they go.

Branded app

Launch an app branded to your gym or training center to make it easy for members to stay connected from anywhere.

Not a marketplace

Get your gym off of 3rd party marketplaces that advertise your hard-won members to other gyms.

Sell gear in an online shop

Sell professional services, video subscriptions, supplements, and merch to become the one-stop-shop for your members’ fitness needs.

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