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Customer experience

Build authentic relationships, and create experiences that members love

Because of FLiiP, I can take care of my clients. Because Flip takes care of my business so that I can focus on people in my gym.
Sam Owner, GYMXTRA

Collect customer feedback

Collect customer feedback after every visit so that you know where to focus. Prompt your most satisfied clients for Google reviews to build a stellar online reputation and attract new leads.

See constructive feedback before it’s public by addressing internal reviews before they turn into lost members or negative Google reviews.

Increase your Google reviews by +50% in 6 months so that more leads find you first.

Customer Experience Dashboard

Stay on top of every lever that impacts customer satisfaction. Use data to motivate staff to deliver exceptional experiences every day.

Create loyal members

Build a tight-knit community of loyal members. Emphasize your colors and brand on a beautiful website and mobile app, and create a community exclusive to your gym or training center. Set up an online shop so that your members can rep your brand wherever they go.

Send push notifications for announcements and special offers, so that there’s always a good reason to come in.

Build your brand by occupying a space on every member’s home screen.

A Customer Service team who knows your business

FLiiP’s 99.95% up-time guarantee means our partners aren’t spending time and energy dealing with software issues that result in frustrated clients and lost revenue. But since every client is unique, our team is available for you when you need us.

san hainault
“FLiiP takes care of my business so that I can focus on the people in my gym.”

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