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Make the switch to FLiiP

FLiiP was created by gym owners, that’s why we
understand your needs so quickly.
We know you day to day because we lived it.

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    Highlight your brand

    A platform and mobile app that fits your business color and your brand.

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    No more sharing customer with your competitors

    At FLiiP your data belongs to you. We know how difficult it is to acquire new customers. We will never share offers from your competitors directly to your customers.

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    Easy to use and intuitive, you will easily save 3 hours per week

    1. Creating a service/class/event takes literally 30 sec.
    2. Dashboard showing your important data instantly.
    3. So simple to use, your clients become autonomous; buying membership, renewal, reminders, suspension etc.
    4. Make you save time on management.
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How do we help you get your business to the next level ?

Impressive ease of use that makes you, your team and your client save time.

  • Calendar management, appointments, subscriptions, online sales & more.
  • Payroll and employee management
  • Point of sale & inventory management
  • Videos platform, we adapt quickly
  • Events & workshops management
  • Check in & scan integration

No need to be physically present, all our tools are there to guide you.

  • Instant reviews & feedback from your members to keep you up to date
  • Powerful automation to keep touch point along the life cycle of clients (Sms/Emails)
  • Increase business reach through a systematic process to express their satisfaction and influence other prospects (google review)
  • Track your most popular classes, hours, membership with our report feature
  • Manage your staff and payroll
  • Get weekly report of expiring membership and inactive members to ensure maximum engagement.

Your own branded client app

  • Customize to your business image
  • Easy to use for your customer
  • Class reservation
  • Membership renewal
  • Increase sales: Event, product, membership

Better management of your finance

  • Competitive price
  • Keep track of membership renewals
  • Nice KPI dashboard
  • Export your data easily
  • Inactivity report, never lose track of clients who may need your help to stay motivated !
  • Set sales objectives to motivate your team while providing visibility on cash flow

Here's a preview of what our customers say about us

  • Julien G - Synergym
  • John Doe
    Company name
  • “When using mindbdy, it took me 1 hour to get to talk to someone, waiting online, not talking French”

    Isabelle Beauchamp,
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Why choose FLiiP over Mindbody ?

Choosing what software suit you the most is important for your business. Here’s how we stand out.

  • A branded platform to your image and color
  • Customer support available for you when you need it
  • Easy to use and to learn
  • Integrated chat in your platform to speak directly with us
  • Pricing that is linked to your success (only paying for active customer)
  • Not sharing your clients with your direct competitors
  • Notifications in your platform to inform you of updates/improvements we are constantly doing
  • Own your data
  • Reports and statistics that are accurate and delivered at the right moment


Put time where it matters the most; on your business not on your software. Make the switch to FLiiP now.

Put time where it matters the most; on your business not on your software. Make the switch to FLiiP now.

  • Seamless data migration from your old platform
  • Support team to guide you through the process
  • Formation videos for you and your team
  • Ready to use in 5 days

Our onboarding team is here to make your transition as smooth as possible for you and your clients!


Am I going to lose my clients information by transitioning to FLiiP?

It is possible to migrate your members to our platform. We migrate data such as subscriptions, personal information, used class number, etc.

Is it easy to transition from Mindbody to FLiiP?

Yes, super easy. We’ve done hundreds of transitions in the past years, and it help us create an easy and worry-free transition process. You’ll be assisted by our team the entire time and you could be up and running in less than 1 week.

Will someone show me how to use the software?

Of course. You will have access to the members of our customer support, training videos, an onboarding process that makes you learn the platform in less than a week.

Is FLiiP really an all-in-one software?

Yes, you’ll find everything you need to manage your business. Report, stats, automatic payment, contract, new features to help you grow and more.